The Betterware catalogue

Whilst checking my inbox this morning I found a link to this story featuring some hi-tech gadgets from HP boffins.

This photo shows the latest prototype of some glasses with an integrated 1.3 Megapixel camera to for taking photos or video. All the data is stored on two 20GB disk drives and is similar to the police head-cams we mentioned earlier.

But wait.. I’ve seen those glasses somewhere before. Where was it now?? AH! Wait! I remember ! Yes, in the infamous Betterware catalogue!!! In fact, here they are !

Look at the price too! No wonder HP don’t mind chopping them up to put cameras in, 4.99 for 2 glasses is a bargain. Sure, you look like a complete weirdo, but you could tell your mates that you’re testing the latest gadget from HP.. :)

For those who don’t know about the Betterware catalogue you’ve probably got a similar company which does the same thing near you. Betterware sell all the crap you never thought you’d want or need. Seriously, check out the online catalogue, it’s absolutely brimming with strange gadgets and gizmos. As an example, look at this extremely over-padded toilet seat or these extra large slimming pants or this deluxe pill organiser or finger caps or this remote-control holder… surely remote controls are supposed to live down the side of a sofa though?

Poor old Gloria Huniford has been roped in to give Betterware a new image….

Look how happy she looks though. I’m not quite sure why. Deep down she must know that her showbiz career has taken a nose-dive, yet she smiles and smiles. Me and Emily certainly don’t look that happy when we’re cleaning the house. In fact, it’s probably best to keep well out of our way or the broom could well end up getting rammed somewhere painful.

Every few weeks a catalogue will pop through the door in a plastic bag along with a small note saying, “Leave outside on Monday” or something. They’re then supposed to pick up the catalogue which you’ve dumped on your front step. In reality down our street they never do, so I’ve taken to just ripping the plastic off and dumping the catalogue in the paper recycling box thing. Unfortunately on the odd occasion that someone does turn up to grab the damp bag they’ll knock on your door and give you some verbal ……

“Why didn’t you put it outside for us to collect”, they’ll say.

“Because you never pick the thing up, and it makes the front of my house look like a tip. If you wanted it back you shouldn’t have shoved it through my letterbox in the first place.”

“It costs us a lot to print them, ideally we…”


Pah, I haven’t got time to listen to that…

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Rosie Smith from Betterware UK replies:

Betterware sells over 1,000,000 of goods to UK customers every week and with a full no quibble money back guarantee. We’re proud of our products and the personal service we offer to hundreds of thousands of customers. While some may consider the delivery of our catalogue a nuisance, many look forward to that personal service in an increasingly impersonal world. We’re a cracking company with a fantastic sales force and I’m sure if you take the time to look through the catalogue you’ll find something you just can’t do without!