Boris attacks!!!

Here’s the best bit of “England vs Germany: Legends” that was on Channel 5 on Wednesday. I was down the pub at the time and it had the whole pub pi**ing themselves with laughter. The idea of the show was to take a group of classic players from England (Gazza, John Barnes etc) and pitch them against a classic German team. Put a few TV cameras around, sell some tickets, job done.

There were a few problems though. The German team were taking it a little too seriously, plus some bright spark decided to start chucking on random celebrities like Damon Hill and MP Boris Johnson. For some reason Boris decided to try a rugby tackle on a German player and ran head-long towards the poor blokes groin area Oooofff….

After this Boris stated, “I was trying to go for the ball with my head, I understand this is a legitimate move in football”… yup, that’s a typical MP..

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Oh and I can’t finish this blog post without mentioning this other video, captured by a traffic camera. This guy should have a go on the lottery because he’s probably the luckiest guy alive..