During a long flight

Today I’m on the way to the USA on some “business”. I think this is my first flight with Delta airlines and, apart from having no seat-back TV’s it’s not too bad. The lack of multi-channel TV during the 9 hour flight means that I’m filling the time writing this blog. Yes, I’m on board right now typing this on an Orange SPV M5000, which is ideal for in enclosed spaces.

I’ve spent the last hour flicking through the “SkyMall” magazine. It’s crammed full of gadgets, gizmos and things you never realised you needed or wanted. At first I thought, “Pah, who in their right mind wants a set of stairs for their pet to climb onto the sofa ?”…

…. but then I’d flick the page and find some miniture chimney brush device for removing “lint” (fluff) from tumble dryer pipes and think, “Hmm… Interesting”. I did however start to worry when I saw this thing though. It a pretty hefty wicker hat thing with a fan at the front. On the top is a solar panel to power it. Hmmm…

Or how about this – it a “Lightweight pet stroller”. Wait, that’s kinda weird because your pet never actually gets out and “strolls” anywhere. Look! A cat, in a cage on wheels. Now that’s just wrong. Yes, if you can’t carry your cat and you’re walking to your local vets then maybe this $129.95 pet stroller is your thing, but part of me can’t help thinking that someone has simply gone mad and welded a hampster cage onto a kiddies play push-chair.

It’s not so much the products that are to blame. Sometimes the pictures or the descriptions alone raise a smile. Take these “go anywhere” headphones…

…There’s nothing wrong with what they do or how they work, but the picture to accompany this item is so completely weird. Check it out, the guy is watching the football, in bed, while his missus has fallen asleep next to him. Look at his pose and his freshly combed hair. It’s so strange and so unrealistic. In reality he’d be off downstairs to watch his footie on the “proper” TV – not some poxy 14″ portable – not when the big widescreen TV is right downstairs…ohhh no. I mean, what’s he supposed to do if his team score? He can’t exactly shout, “YESSS!!!! GET IN THERE MY SON!!!!!”, can he? And what’s with that pose of his? It looks like he’s tryimg to calculate the square root of 239, not watch a footie match.

Hoo hum. I’ve just looked at my watch. You know that feeling when you’re on a flight and you think, “Hmmm.. We must be nearly there now”, then you look at you watch and realise that there’s 5 hours left on your 9 hour flight… Humph. Still, I’ve just watched Big Mommas House 2 and whilst it wasn’t the best sequel in the world it’s a million times better than the utter bilge that it “Oceans Twelve”. How cheated did I feel watching that? Rrrrrrrubish!


Anyhow, we’re coming in to land now.