Look! My picture!! A photo of Gears!

I very rarely post pictures of myself on CoolSmartPhone, if ever really. However, it’s thanks to Carlesberg Export that I’ve suddenly changed my mind. This, my friends, is me on my stag do.

No, no and NO – that is not a medallion. It’s a medal. We went carting which, I after a huge quantity of rain, was great fun sliding around in the wet. Sliding around bends in these high-powered carts was absolutely fantastic, plus it got even better when the track dried out and we didn’t need to worry about the back-end of the cart sliding out on the bends.

Anyhow, back to this picture. My first thought when seeing this was, “Strewth, I look like Elvis during his burger-eating phase”. The combination of the medallion plus the Alfie Moon (Eastenders reference) shirt is slightly disturbing, granted.

What am I doing there? Well, I’m standing on a podium after coming second in the competition. Who won? My cousin