Wedding Preperations

Planning a wedding is, let me tell you, complicated. The big things are pretty easy to sort – the car, the DJ and things like that. It’s the little things – background music, favours, the drinks and other related items that “seem” small but really matter.

To be honest with you my blogs are going to get a bit smaller and will be posted less often during this week. There’s suits arriving, rooms to organize, details to confirm and logistics to sort out. Meanwhile Em is getting stressed with work, make-up, hairdressers and more. This Saturday seems both incredibly close and yet very far away all at once. The “to do” list never seems to go down… I’ve got to write a speech … a speech. Me! I’ve got to stand in front of all my friends and family and do a speech. It’s all getting a little bit weird. I want to make sure I take everything in. Everyone keeps telling me, “the day goes so fast”.. I hope it’s not a blur.

Tonight Emily is off flying so I’m sat at home prepping wedding stuff. Will I manage to get everything done this week and remember everything ? Let’s hope so. :)