Post-wedding blog 1

I’ll do a more lengthy blog over the next few days detailing all the wedding stuff. The day itself went better than I ever could’ve hoped for – perfect in every way and my new wife (yay!) looked stunning.

Coming back to work, which I did this morning, was a bit of a bump. I turned up very late I have to confess at about 11.15 this morning – a little late considering I’m supposed to be there at 9. After wading through my emails I’ve picked out a few gems from the several dozen links and jokes that have been sent to me. I thought it’d be wise to post a few here just to share the fun, so let’s start off with this video. I’m sure that the results of this paternity test won’t be of any surprise to you guys, however this guy is unbelievably shocked when his wife tells him that their baby isn’t his…

Other stuff I’ve been sent is this cautionary tale for laptop users. This Dell lappy decided to explode in a huge ball of flames whilst being used in a conference.

We’re not sure whether it was a build-up of fluff or perhaps the owner spilt some tequila on the keyboard after a late night browsing “certain” websites, either way they managed to take a few snaps of it as it burned.

I also found these wheelie bin covers quite amusing. I think I’d probably buy some myself if I hadn’t already put some bright gold wrapping paper around ours (I love to be different). Everyone in the entire street thinks we have a gold plated bin now. How posh are we eh?

(That last paragraph was made up)

Lastly I have to applaud these guys, who decided to go into a branch of “Best Buy” in the USA dressed as shop staff. 90 of them went in a walked around helping people out, much to the confusion of the regular staff who ended up booting them out with the help of police :)