A Friday blog with vids :)

I’ve got slightly sidetracked this afternoon testing out Windows Vista, which is .. well.. I’m fighting with it at the moment, put it that way. :)

Anyhow, this video crossed my path. I’m not proud of linking to it but heck – I’m old enough to remember when David Hasselhoff used to ride around in KITT – the big black motor that spoke to David in a weird caring sort of way. Now of course “the Hoff” has got a bit older and his singing career has taken off big-style in Germany. Here he is, driving a KITT replica (look, it’s a right-hand drive – that’s clearly a European copy because the original was from the USA and was left-hand drive) … errr.. wait.. I think I’m going on about this a little too much now…

While I’m here we should definitely include this excellent clip of George Bush singing. Here he’s doing a fantastic version of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. Some rather brilliant video and audio editing here, top work to whoever did it ! :)

Wait – did I mention George Bush? Ah, we just have to add a few more videos – there’s just sooooo much material isn’t there? Why bother signing the Kyoto agreement when you could be out playing golf and mucking up speeches? Ohhh.. sure, I know politics is a hot topic and many will have different views. I was slightly disturbed to see in the US that changes to engine sizes and emissions are only now beginning – mainly only due to rising petrol prices at around $3.35 a gallon. There’s also a lot of news about the new Al Gore film which seeks to point out the level of crap pumped into the atmosphere and the obvious consequences it’s having. Sure, the film could be a promotional film for a 2008 presidential run, plus it’s a tad hypocritical following his record on the environment while in office, however it’s illumating to hear him state on national TV that his own country – with less than 5 percent of the human population of the world – produces around a quarter of all the greenhouse-gas emissions.

Where was I now? Oh yeah – Mr Bush. Here he is in a couple of videos from his various speeches etc..

Oh, and just one more – this one is slightly “remixed” :)