Englands yellow and pleasant land

British visitors will already be well aware of this but for everyone else let me tell you just how warm it is. I took this snap a few nights ago whilst popping to the shops when it was particularly hot. The air-conditioning still wasn’t on because I’m a tight git and my 1-a-litre fuel isn’t gonna get spent powering the air-con whilst I’ve got a sun-roof and four windows to open!

That gets on my tits just a little if I’m honest. Sure, if you’re going to an important meeting or something then put your air-conditioning on in the car. You don’t want to turn up stinking like an old slipper with sweat-patches on your shirt do you? No. But, if you’re driving home, like the several hundred cars around me on the M6 every week night, why have you got all of your windows and sunroof shut? Come on! Take your jacket off, take your shoes off and stick your arm out the window. Chill out a bit, this is the summer – this is what you go on holiday for. You can get up every morning knowing that the sun will be out and you can drive home not having to worry about turning your windscreen-wipers on. Let some bloody wind into your car and breathe that fresh air (yes ok, if you’re stuck in traffic on the M25 you’ll be sucking in half a tonne of black smog from the truck next to you, so maybe close your windows then). I just don’t get it though. People spend half their lives moaning about it going dark early in the winter, or the fact that they’re cold, or “stuck inside all the time” and then… then… ..THEN… when it’s actually sunny and warm enough for you to drive along and enjoy a bit of the outside world, when you’ve finally got out of that air-conditioned office and you can actually see the daylight, when there’s nothing stopping you from relaxing a bit and getting a bit of a tan (even if it is on your right arm) YOU GO AND PUT THE AIR-CON ON AND SIT AT 18 DEGREES C!

I just don’t get it…

Plus news came in today that we should all be getting pretty much the same in August so no doubt we’ll have hose-pipe bans and yet more electrical shops with big signs saying, “No more fans or air con units left”. This being England there’s bound to be many hundreds of people writing into the Daily Mail complaining about the heat or the increase gas prices, increase petrol prices or how yellow their garden now looks.

Ah yes, everything is yellow. The UK has turned into a big dust-bowl. The BBC have a great slideshow here showing the state of our country right now. Here’s a piccy…

Yes, there’s people who moan about the heat. It’s hard to sleep and it’s uncomfortable to work in at times but hey – wear shorts. I’ve been wearing shorts for the past month and a bit now constantly, obviously not the same pair but it’s just like being on holiday. All I need in my garden now is some sand and a paddling-pool and I’ll be set.

Oh, and I wanted to mention something about this story, which discusses the problem of spam and how more than 95% of all email is now spam. I can’t really mention it here though ‘cus this blog is all about the weather and stuff.. Oh wait, no.. I just did.