Speak & Spell – The height of technology in 1983

Anyone remember these things? It’s the classic “Speak & Spell” toy from way back. Made by Texas Instruments this was the king of electronic toys when I was a kid. I had one of these and a “Trip over Traps” game which used to keep me occupied for hours.

There was only one slight problem with the Speak & Spell that I had. For some reason (and I’m not sure if they were all the same), it was based on the US dictionary, so I went to school spelling words incorrectly like “color” and “center” instead of “colour” and “centre”. :)

Anyhow, if you go to www.speaknspell.co.uk then click on the Speak & Spell device on the left you can re-live all those childhood memories. It should open in a popup, so if you’re browser doesn’t like them try clicking here to go direct to it.

If you want a real one don’t forget the magic of ebay ;)