Things are brewing..

There’s some rather excellent stuff on the cards for CoolSmartPhone, however I’m going to have to ask for your advice. I’ve got stacks of questions to throw your way and I’d love you guys to reply by hitting “Add comment” below. This is all stuff I’ve been mulling over but I need to know if I’m pointing in the right direction..

– The feedback forums – is there a forum area you’d like to see added or tweaked?

– Our name. By now “Smartphone” and “Pocket PC” should ideally be one converged device and we’re already branching out to cover more than just the Smartphone. Should we change the site to be called “” or something ?

– What have you found difficult ? Have you come to the site looking for something and then thought, “Ah balls to it, I can’t find it” ? Let me know!

– What do you like, what do you want to see developed ?

Give me a shout via the feedback forum, private message or email. I want to hear ANY suggestions you have, regardless of whether they related to the above questions. Also, I’ve already had quite a few people writing in offering their services – please do continue emailing me if you’d like to help, I’ll email you all back shortly.