Cheap MP4 Video players

eBay is always a great mixture of both crap and good products. I noticed quite a few MP4 players on eBay recently and I thought.. “Hmm.. that’d work well with that Neuros MP4 recorder I reviewed”.

…and it should. However, the market is being flooded with MP4 players from China which would make any Apple lawyer jump on the phone in an instant. Ranging from around 10 quid up to 30 quid (depending on storage size) these seem to be an absolute bargain. They play MP3’s and they’ve got a recording facility too. Heck they’ll even show your photos or let you tune into your favourite FM radio station. Plus you can watch your favourite TV show or movie on one small device.. a winner, surely?!

Well, not always. I found this rather excellent review of one online. Be sure to check out this guys’ other reviews as they’re pretty damn funny (it does have a bit of f’ing and jeffing in it, so maybe it’s worth watching outside of work).. I’ve recently tested a VoIP phone with a similar control interface and I agree with everything he says.. :)