A blind driver denies dangerous driving ?

Here’s Omed Aziz. Originally from Iraq he had his sight taken away from him during a bomb blast and is partially deaf. He now lives here in the UK and one day in Wednesdbury his mate – who is banned – decided him to let Omed drive around town in his car. Obviously, being blind, Omed had great difficulty doing this and swerved all over the place – even drifting into oncoming traffic. The police stopped him and were amazed to find him sat at the controls with dark wrap-around shades on. He was shaking and fumbling with the controls mainly due to his leg tremors … did I not mention those?

So, you’d think this story was mad enough. A blind man decides to go out driving with his banned mate shouting directions…

But no… it gets worse..

In court Omed decides to plead “no guilty” to dangerous driving. Yes, you heard right. A blind mad, who’s almost deaf and has leg tremors and is driving a car probably without ever passing the test is pleading “not guilty” to dangerous driving.

His solicitor, Timothy Gascoyne said of the case..”The question is not whether his driving was dangerous, but whether being blind makes it dangerous.”

Well.. actually… YES IT BLOODY DOES YOU IDIOT. For starters he can’t have passed the first component of the driving test – eyesight and secondly I doubt whether swerving into oncoming traffic is “safe” either. He’s blind for chuffs sake!

Welcome to Britain. What would happen if I were to drive around with my eyes shut ? Grrr…. Perhaps I should leave it to the people who commented on this news story..

“This case would have qualified as a Monty Python sketch 35 years ago. The law is an ass. We tax payers pay for a legal system that is the laughing stock of the world. Add to that the obsessive fear of the law in punishing anyone of the non-indigenous variety, and you have an expensive farce, paid for by the indigenous law abiding majority.”

No no, perhaps I shouldn’t get wound up about this. He’s probably on legal aid and – even if he does get prosecuted or jailed – I figure he’ll be out on the road again in a few months time. Plus, with the reduced amount of traffic cops he’ll probably get away with it next time. Humpff…

Link – Sky News