Wembley Stadium

It looks like the completion date for the new Wembley Stadium is now slipping into mid-2007. Unfinished work on the retractable roof, problems with drainage, safety and security systems and the installation of the remaining 10,000 seats mean it may possibly slip into 2007. Even after the keys for the 757 million stadium are handed over there’s to be a two month wait while a series of test events are carried out.

Blimey. When did they start work on this? 2002 wasn’t it ? I think the last game that was played there was in October 2000 when England lost to Germany.

5 years to build a stadium ?

It’s a good job that we’re not hosting the olympics any time soon. I mean, that’d be a far bigger project and if it’s going to take 5 years to build just one stadium (or 7 years if you include all the legal and financial mucking about) then I’m glad we haven’t got a huge new Olympic Park to build or anything..

…What’s that? London hosting the Olympics? 2012 ? But that’s only 5 years and ten months away…! Uh-oh…