$1.5 Million on your roof rack?

Meet renowned Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron – he’s the guy standing up, not the one in the painting. He paints nice pictures he does.

One day he decided, rather foolishly, to put some of his very expensive paintings on his roof rack and go driving. Unsurprisingly both of the paintings, worth $1.5 million (AUS) flew off the car and ended up in the dust at the side of the road. Why “unsurprinsingly” ? Well, he never secured them.. in any way, shape or form..

Strangely he got both of them returned to him after someone picked them up because the “frame looked nice”. The kind soul then spotted Gordon on the news and returned the pictures to him.


Now, I see quite a few things wrong with this story. Firstly, Gordon decides to put $1.5 Million worth of paintings on.. his roof. Now, I realise he’s probably “valued” them himself but .. seriously. Would you put $1.5 million (AUS) worth of stuff on your roof rack ? Come on! That’s about $1.13 Million (US) or 600,000…. and you stick that on your roof as you drive around?

It gets even worse though, because it turns out that he didn’t even tie them down !! For some obscure reason he just hopped in his car (*COUGH*)insurance claim(*COUGH*) and let them fly off!

Then, to make the whole story even crazier, someone finds them and then spots a news story about the whole thing. Despite the fact that the paintings are worth $1.5 Million the daft bugger returns them instead of selling them on and living the high life!

Pah.. madness..

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