Our legal system is a joke

WARNING – This blog post will probably descend into a “Daily Mail” style rant. Sorry about this, I’ve had a bad day.

Remember this guy? Yep, I blogged about him a few days back. He decided to take a drive around the local town despite having leg tremors, being partially deaf and only having two fingers on one hand (oh yeah.. did I forget to say that he’s completely blind too?).

Anyway, he turned up to court wearing some cheap t-shirt he’d probably stolen from the local market (I’m making a sweeping accusation here, but I do that a lot) which “began with” B4D MO7H3R in a “registration plate” style. I’m sure you can all guess what the third word would be.

The judge wasn’t too impressed by his t-shirt and told him to go and change. He admitted driving without MOT, without a licence and without insurance and only having his “mate” shouting instructions to guide him.

So.. what did the court do ? Well, yet again they wimped out. It’s perhaps typical of our useless magistrates that he was handed a three month suspended prison sentence and a three year driving ban.

What a pointless waste of cash. Just think how much tax money has been used up in that court case. In the end this guy has got off scott-free after driving around illegally without even being able to see. The sentence handed down is an absolute joke. Firstly he’s got a suspended prison sentence – this is not served at all, unless the offender commits a further imprisonable offence during its operational period. Secondly, he’s been banned from driving for three years… but… wait… he’s never going to pass the test anyway because he’s blind!

Useless.. More and more police are putting people like this in front of magistrates only to have them back out on the streets again within minutes. The only thing that gets hurt is the Governments pockets which we have to keep refilling.

Another example is “Prince” Nassem Hamed. He was driving his Mercedes McLaren (y’know the one – it costs about 320,000 and goes like slippery sh**e off a frozen shovel) and slammed head-on into a VW Golf. He was doing over 90mph at the time and he was on the wrong side of the road going down a blind dip. The poor sod he crashed into broke every major bone in his body and still hasn’t recovered.

What did the court do ? Well, they gave him a 15 month sentence. However, they’ve let him out after just 4 months. His reaction?

“What can I say. It has been hard”

Try being the poor guy in the VW Golf!

Sure, Naseem has to wear an electronic tag, however he’s still walking about enjoying his freedom while Mr Burgin (the guy he hit) is still trying to get over the whole event. What makes it worse is that “Prince” Naseem left the crash scene after he smashed into the Golf.

Links – Sky News (Omed Aziz attends court)Reuters (Naseem leaves jail)