Yes, I’m still in the USA

Following the end of the Mobius event I’m in our hotel room while Emily is out shopping. I’ve spent about 25 minutes flicking through the various TV channels here in Boston and I’ve finally – yes finally – found a channel with a TV programme on.

It doesn’t matter how many times I come to the USA, I still can’t get around the sheer amount of adverts on TV. It’s not just the amount but also the type of commercial. I’ve landed on TBS and I’ve just caught 6 minutes of “Seinfeld” which was peppered with commercials for diet pills, teeth whitening toothpaste, laser eye surgery and more tablets than you could shake a stick at. It may just be me, but there appears to be a huge pre-occupation with health and the way you feel here in the US. The adverts show this but they – by law – must explain the possible side-effects of the drug in question. This can get quite insane at times, especially when you’re watching a commercial for a sleeping pill…

“Possible side effects are mild and rare. They include sneezing, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, stomach upset, indigestion and drowziness.”

Wait – drowsiness ? This is a SLEEPING PILL !!!! AGH!! Surely drowsiness is the desired effect ?!?

Oh, and check out what I found in the local drug store – paracetamols sold in tubs of 1000 ! Nice and easy if you wanna commit suicide eh?!