Bollards in Manchester

My mate sent this to me on email. It comes from the Manchester Evening News. There’s a massive debate raging about new rising bollards right now as cars get speared by them. They have been installed to try and reduce the street’s high casualty rate. The local council have no plans to change them before the trial ends next year – and the council want to keep them. The problem? Well, as you’ll see below the barriers will lower when buses, post office vans and other vehicles pass through with special tags. Other cars however aren’t allowed through.

The debate revolves around those who are lost and get left high and dry by the rising bollards. Others purposefully try to dodge the bollards and then blame everything else in the world for letting the damage occur. Victims have claimed they had no idea they were not allowed to follow bus drivers through the bollards, even though there’s several immense “No Entry” signs and numerous other warning signs..

…the problem it seems is that one person is intelligent, but “people” are just plain dumb at times. Once victim said “Yes I saw the warning signs”… ermm… well.. hello?!?!?

Here’s what happened. I’ve been looking for a WMV of this for Fun Time Friday but haven’t found it as yet. If you can’t see the video below then click here.