Road rage

Driving into work this morning up the madness that is the M6 I was witness to a rather irate person in a Citroen Picasso. The M6 was busy. It’s always busy. In fact, last week I was late home from work (we’re talking 11.30pm) and yet somehow I still managed to get stuck on the M6 in a traffic jam.

So anyway, I’m pootling up the motorway in the outside lane. Let’s be honest here, no-one ever does exactly 70mph on the motorway. I and several others are doing about 80mph when I notice some dude in this family bus-type vehicle hammering up behind me. When he gets within half a metre of my bumper I figure that he’s in some sort of rush, however I can’t move over to let him past as the other lanes are equally packed full of cars. After about 2 minutes of this nose-to-tail driving he does a very European thing and.. turns his right-hand indicator in an effort to inform me that he’d like to overtake. Well .. sure. I’d like him to overtake too, especially as his bonnet is now polishing my brake lights. The problem though is that we’ve all now slowed down to about 55mph and there’s more traffic than ever on my left. Logic doesn’t appear to be one of this guys’ strong points though, and he’s still bouncing off the central reservation with his indicator on.

Strangely though the traffic in front of us suddenly moved, so I decided to show what the difference was between my car and his van-shaped-thing.

But what was the point of that really? Well, who knows. Road rage is a continuing problem here in the UK and there’s several examples of it in this “Question Of The Week” at