Reasons why MySpace is just plain wrong

The internet is a weird and wonderful place. Many websites have embraced the new “Web 2.0” thing and made a fortune from it. and are just two. The latter I don’t really visit much as it gives people far too much control over webpage design and the resulting “personal page” is a hideous combination of huge pictures, music and disgusting colours. Honestly, sometimes it’s just like I’ve chucked a pizza all over the screen when I see certain pages.

Anyhow, whilst checking out this rather important news story I was emailed a link to this MySpace page. It’s a rather unsettling page of a fairly large (in many ways) Michael Jackson fan. Just under her drawings of him you’ll find a couple of great videos of her dancing to his music. They are, if I’m honest, both hilarious and worrying at the same time. Thanks to the “all new Web 2.0” it’s just too damn easy for someone with a mobile phone to upload this stuff and get it on the web. Ugh.. stop it, stop it now..

I think I’m actually scared. Oh, and if you can’t see these videos, click here or here.

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