The sales! The sales! AGH!

Ugh! The post Christmas weirdness continues.

Emily wanted to go shopping but it was the last possible thing I wanted to do. Shops rammed full of people, cars fighting for spaces, people grabbing items all over the place? No way. Not for me. After my experience last year I didn’t fancy going into another shop regardless of the prices. Next is possibly the worse – it opens at 5AM and people queue from 2AM. By the time it opens there’s thousands of people – mostly women – crammed into a shop which can only hold around a hundred. Clothes are ripped from the hangers and any bloke unlucky enough to be amongst it will soon find himself swept away towards the escalators with little or no hope of escaping alive.

So I put my foot down. There was no way we were going to ANY sales. No way!

About 20 minutes later we were in Birmingham…

So much for putting my foot down. We also went to another shopping centre, where parking was insane. People were doing their “hunting for spaces” tricks – following people carrying bags, indicating by people who looked like they were going to start the car, stuff like that. I always love it when two people find a parking space at the same time – there’s an instant duel. Who will win ? Who will get the space? :)

Emily went into the Next sale so I headed off to Currys and PC World. Neither shop seemed to have a great deal actually in the sale. I picked up a Sale leaflet and found a hoover, a TV, some satnavs and.. well, not a great deal else. Where was the sale stuff? I went to both the Comet and PC World sale and found… absolutely nothing. To be honest I couldn’t find anything worth buying. They had some 2Gb USB memory sticks reduced to 24.99 but I’ve seen them for around 15 elsewhere so.. where’s the sale?

SCS, DFS, Cousins, Currys, Comet, PC World and every other shop in the known universe seems to have a sale on at the moment.

We did find something rather… err.. “interesting” in Selfridges later… It wasn’t in the sale either.