Shock! Naked bits in TV ad!

I used to love watching Camberwick Green as a kid. This and Trumpton stick in my mind along with the whole “Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb” stuff. Classic!

Apart from a few rather excellent websites there’s not been much mention of Trumpton until recently, when “Oatso Simple” used the characters in adverts. This one is particularly good, although it took me a worryingly long time to realise that Windy Miller had a naked man in his house for no good reason.

So why is there a naked man in his windmill? Hmm .. Well, after a bit of research I found this other video, which shows that Windy Miller obviously has the girls round to play. Hmmm.. me thinks he’s using his windmill for some sexy fun

here’s the original show and how it used to look back in the day..

But wait..

We’re not finished…

Oh no..

Just when you thought I couldn’t twist your mind any more, the newspapers are saying that you actually get to see Mr Naked Mans’ private bits. The evidence is apparent when he turns away from the microwave with the bowl in his hand….

It is a tad .. err.. “small”, however when you watch the video again it’s defintely there!

I bet you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable now aren’t you?! :)