Speeding, Leo Sayer, Heroism. It’s all here folks!

It’s a mixed bag of news online today. First I spotted this research which shows that IT Graduates coming out of University have the highest unemployment rate and struggle to get work. It’s even worse when you compare these IT grads to other students, such as media studies, performing arts and history, who all have lower unemployment rates!

In better news, you’ve really got to give full credit to this guy, who jumped onto subway tracks to save a man who’d fell down after having a fit. Welsey Autrey has been hailed as a hero and has since received a top award for his actions. I love the way that Wesley played the whole thing down…

“I’m talking, saying ‘sir, you can’t move. I’ve got two kids up here looking for their father to come back’.

“‘I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but listen, don’t panic. I’m here to save you’.”

Top man!

Back here in the UK it’s the usual mish-mash of news, however this guy has got to have possibly the best speeding ticket ever.

Yup, this taxi driver apparently got 420mph out of a 12 year-old Vauxhall Cavalier. Sure, it might seem impossible, but I’ve seen plenty of mini-cabs booting it up and down the roads of our fair land. Somehow taxi drivers always seem to get the best possible speed from any car! :)

Lastly I’ve just got to mention this video featuring Leo Sayer. It is a little long, however it’s WELL worth sticking with. It’s absolute comic genius – from the start, where the camera deliberately makes it look like Leo is humping the guy whilst singing, to the middle, where Leo falls flat on his arse, to the end, where Leo tries to make out like nothing happened whilst holding the microphone in a very strange position.

Excellent stuff..