Right! We’re off on holiday!

It’s perhaps time to let you all in on a secret. It’s nothing too major – on Monday we’ll be off on holiday for two weeks.

It’s not really been a cold winter so far (hello global warming), but the dark days and even darker nights here in old Endland have taken their toll on us so we’re off to Cancun… Err…. again.

Some of you may remember that this was one of the stops during our honeymoon just 6 months ago. In fact we’ll be going back to the very same hotel – a second honeymoon already.

The good part about this, other than the sunshine, relaxation and all-inclusive resort, is that I’ll still be here updating the site. How? Well, the hotel is pretty flash and there’s free wifi across the entire complex courtesy of some rather hefty wifi transmitters on each of the buildings. Although you might think it’s a tad geeky, I’m taking my laptop so we can make free Skype calls home and I can sit on the beach or in the hammock updating the site in the late afternoon. We originally found the wifi thanks to the Orange SPV M3100 – we were trying to get online to see our wedding photos at the toem. We sat on our hammock with the sun setting whilst looking at the photos the photographer had put on his site…. it was perfect.

Sure, you might think I’m going a bit soft here, but you’ve also got to consider the fact that there’s a mini-bar in the room which is COMPLETELY FREE and replenished every day!!! HAHA!! Paradise ! Every day they refill our fridge full of this “XX” lager! It doesn’t get much better than that folks!