Yet more air travel

I love planes. Nowhere else in the world can I get away with ordering a Kronenbourg at 9 o’clock in the moning. Not, at least, with Emily sat next to me. She’s on coffee whilst I’m on lager. Top stuff.

There is, of course, a bad side to air travel… and it’s usually the people you have to share the plane with. We took off from our local airport – Birmingham – however, due to the fact that we needed loads of fuel and therefore a longer runway to get to Cancun we had to do a little 15 minute flight up to Manchester to fill up and take off again Well, that’s what the pilot tells us, who knows. Anyway, we arrive in Manchester and they open the door to let a fresh crew on. Now obviously, being as it’s the middle of winter in the UK this makes the plane a bit cold. Que the moaning. The row behind me were up in arms about it..

“Blimey it’s cold, I’ve never been so cold in my life”

..and it went on..

“They need to turn the heat up don’t they? I’m froze to the bone”

…and on…

“I wish they’d shut the door, I’m absolutely dithering.”

Just then a member of the cabin crew turned up, obviously after overhearing the complaints…

“Is everything OK for you?”, she said.

“Oh yes, lovely thanks.”, they replied.

LoVeLy?? Eh?? Why didn’t they just ask for a chuffing blanket or at least ask for the heating to be turned up when we were on our way?

I can’t stand that – when people just sit and moan without actually doing or saying anything about it. It’s just like the people who write into our local free newsppaer…

“Why do they only take the bins once a fortnight?”

“Why is the council doing nothing about the street lamps?”

“Why oh why are the council rates so much ?”

Well I don’t know, but perhaps IF YOU WROTE TO THE COUNCIL YOU MIGHT GET SOMEWHERE!! Why do they choose the local paper to write to? What’s a letter to the newspaper going to achieve? There’ll just be even more nutters writing back saying, “Oh yes, the bins.. Terrible”

Rubbish……err…. Quite literally. ;)