Fun Time Friday will return!

Hi guys! Don’t worry, Fun Time Friday will return. Right now we’re still on holiday (read more about it in my blog) so I’ve got stacks of videos all ready to go when we return on January 30th.

Don’t worry though, thanks to a free internet connection and my SPV M3100 I’m actually updating the site whilst sat on the beach! :) In fact, this is a piccy I took this very afternoon whilst writing a piece on the Asus Pegasus handset. :)

However, I do have some bad news for you. On Saturday things went horribly pear-shaped with the new server, so we’ve lost the WHOLE of last weeks email (please resend it to me if you’ve used our contact form!) and we have also lost the last two weeks worth of forum posts and registrations – sorry about this, you MAY have to re-register. I’m currently getting wheels in motion to have a custom built server put in place that meets our exact requirements so that this does NOT happen again!