Toilet phones?

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while. I’ve seen the same thing in various hotels and I’m stumped… Just why do they put a phone in the toilet?

It’s not like it’s next to the shower – it’s always at a certain height next to the toilet. I’ll admit to using it once, when we first got here, but that was only to answer a call from reception when I was in the shower. Who the heck is going to use it whilst they’re sat on the bog?

“Yeah, hi. I’m going to be a little late for that appointment. There’s…..UUUUGGGHHH.. something I just need to drop off first.”

Perhaps it’s designed for executives to ensure that every minute of their time is used for work purposes?

“Hi boss, yeah, I’ve got the graphs all laid out here on my lap… UUUGGHHH (splosh).. Ahh yes, there’s a definite improvement in sales this last year, but we still have… UUUGGGHH (splosh) …a couple more things to discuss first”

Sure, I’ve spoken to my wife whilst on the toilet, but I still don’t see the need for a toilet phone. Do I need to install one at home? Nope.

The same perhaps could NOT be said about this hammock. Most of the blogs this week have been typed out on my SPV M3100 whilst swinging in my hammock on our balcony. It should be law for everyone to have one of these… they’re excellent. The 30 degree temperatures certainly help, and perhaps sitting in one whilst it’s snowing in England wouldn’t be advisable… I feel that one should be mounted somewhere in the house though, even if it is a “kinky” one in the bedroom.