Too much geeky stuff is bad

I’ve got to make this a quick blog post. The reason is because my wife, and I still find it weird saying “wife” after saying “girlfriend” for so many years, is not into the techy stuff in any way. She quite rightly tells me to stop fiddling with this Orange SPV M3100 whilst we’re on holiday. I tell her that I carry it around as a camera, and yes – I am taking holiday photos with it, however the free WiFi means that I can easily read stuff on the web when we’re by the pool.

Emily doesn’t see it that way of course…

“Put that frigging thing down before I ram it right up your a#@e!”, she’ll say.

To be honest I don’t blame her. I should be enjoying the scenery and soaking up the atmosphere but instead I’m checking the latest news so that CoolSmartPhone is up to date. It’s not what “normal people” do really is it?

Emily isn’t technically minded. Provided she has Sky+ to record every episode of “Sex and the City”, her Nintendo DS and a Debit Card she’s happy ;) She does the odd bit of Googling, but that’s generally when we’re looking for a holiday or she’s buying something. That’s pretty much it. Blogs, RSS feeds, URL’s – they’re not at all important to her and I quite like it that way. She keeps me sane and stops me worrying and working on “geeky stuff” too much. She doesn’t like me on the laptop too long and she’ll tell me off for having my head in the screen. I can see why, because at times I do, and I forget to switch off.

I’m going to sound like my dad when I say this, but I’m still not as bad as some of the teenagers who spend months in front of MySpace and MSN. It’s frightening when I hear them say, “I’ve been chatting this girl up on MSN for the past few months”. Although they’ve never met or spoke in person, it only becomes worrying when you find out that they actually attend the same school.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, today we went into Cancun town centre. We were lucky enough to come here just 6 months ago and we saw some of the devastation that Hurricane Wilma caused here on October 19th, 2005. When we arrived in June 2006 they had only just finished patching the hotel back together. Here’s what this place looked like a day after the hurricane…

Our hotel is slightly outside of Cancun, but a trip into Cancun shows the immense rebuilding task which is now almost totally complete. Brand new hotels with stunning facilities and designs are appearing. Check this one out, it