Thousands of miles from home and the Brits ask for..

It’s all too easy to be critical of other nationalities when on holiday. I’ve already blogged about this earlier, and no doubt people will have their own opinions of German, French and other nationalities when on holiday in Spain or where-ever.

Last night though I was ashamed to call myself British, and I’ll tell you why..

We went to one of the restaurants here which is on the “Nizuc” side of the resort. Basically there are two parts to this resort, complete with their own lobby and restaurants inside and out. On our side (called “Sunrise”) there are a lot of couples, mostly from the USA and some from the UK.

Last night we ventured up the beach and sat down in a different restaurant. Although the set-up was similar there were more Brits than Americans. It turned out that the “Nizuc” side had a lot of British tour operators, whilst the “Sunrise” side had a lot of American operators with just a couple of British ones like Virgin Holidays etc.

Anyhow, you’re shown to your table and then a waiter gets you your drinks. You’re then free to grab a plate and go up to the buffet. It’s not your average buffet, this is like walking into a kitchen. Chefs stand behind the counters and you can choose to have beef or tuna steaks grilled right in front of you. There was also an Italian section where you create your own pasta dish complete with mushrooms, bacon, onions etc – whatever you’d like added. All fresh and prepared right before your eyes.

Emily was waiting in line for a steak. You can have any kind, rump, T-Bone, plus there’s ribs and chicken. You choose what you want, then you decide how you want it done (medium, medium/well etc). While

There was also a huge selection of lettuce, sauces, carrots, potatoes, rice, fish, fajitas, tagliatelli, pork, salads, every kind of bread and soup possible, pizza, sausage, burgers, green beans, broccoli, egg, shrimp, prawns, even octopus!

Emily wanted a steak, so she was stood in the queue. Behind her were a large group from Liverpool. They were moaning, quite a bit