Illegal cycling – Part Two

You may remember the illegal cycling we did the other day. Here’s a pic I took as Emily peddled off in front of me. This morning it was a bit cloudy, so we decided to grab the bikes again and do some more sight-seeing. When we turned up again at the bike place there was a different guy in control…

“You must follow these regulations, especially you must not go on the golf course”, he said.

The previous guy hadn’t told us this, and we couldn’t understand why there was a sudden importance about not riding on the golf course (I’ve no idea what could have caused that) :)

He pointed us to a rather large sign which I’d swear wasn’t there previously. It describes what not to do when you’re on the bikes…

….errr……. whoops.

Let’s see how many rules we broke…

1) Don’t go down the room corridors… ermm.. yep, we did that.
2) Don’t go near motor vehicle entrances. No, we didn’t do that – it was too far to peddle.
3) Don’t go near the pool. Yup, we did that.
4) Don’t go on the golf course. Ah, yes. We definitely did that.

So today we actually decided to stay within the rules.. at least, that was the intention.

“Love, the right. They drive on the right”, I shouted at Em as she went around a roundabout… on the left. Luckily it was just a roundabout on the resort here, so the traffic wasn’t bad. The guy in the jeep seemed a little confused though.

“Is that not the right?”, said Emily, which dumbfounded me for a second.

“Eh? What side to you drive on at home ?”, said I. To be honest Emily has always had a slight problem with the whole “Driving on the opposite side of the road” thing. We rented a car out in Zante once and I was driving. When we were going round a roundabout she started screaming…

“AGHH! You’re on the wrong side of the road! We’re gonna crash!!!”

I explained the whole system of driving on the opposite side of the road, and it was perfectly normal to go round the roundabout in an anti-clockwise direction. In the end I let Emily drive to see for herself, but she forgot to allow for the large bulk of car which was on her right-side and nearly crashed into a number of parked cars as we tootled up the road.

“I don’t normally have to allow THAT much space on my right side when I drive at home”, she said.. “Yeah, but love, that’s because the steering wheel is on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE BLOODY CAR!!!!”, said I, as I saw another parked car coming towards my side of the car.