Bad manners make me violent :)

This morning we were sat around the pool once more soaking up the last bit of sun before boarding our flight home. Both of us had our eyes closed trying to get a nap when suddenly a voice bellowed out..

“Say, where’dya get your Coke Light?”

Presuming it was someone talking to a friend in the pool we ignored the voice. However, the same voice asked again…

“Hey. Your Coke Light, where’s that from?”

I glanced to my right and saw an absolutely enormous woman in the pool looking back at me. She was positively huge and I was surprised that the entire pool wasn’t overflowing due to the sheer displacement of water. I still wasn’t 100% sure if she’d been talking to us, so I said..

“Sorry, are you asking us?”, I asked.

“Uhu”, she replied.

“From the room.”, said Emily abruptly (fair play to her)

“Oh my God, we like, only have Pepsi”, said the woman. She then waded off. I swear there were small children being swept along behind in the current she was creating.

Coke Light? Coke LIGHT? She needs a bit more than just that! Here’s a tip for you love… STOP DRINKING ANY SORT OF FIZZY DRINKS ALL TOGETHER. Try water or something instead.

I don’t often drink soft drinks (what’s the point when there’s lager?), but I will sometimes have Pepsi Max. It’s basically Pepsi, but without the sugar. In fact, if I was to drink “proper Pepsi” or “proper Coke” I’d probably be whizzing my tits off on the sugar rush.

Yes, whizzing my tits off. I did say that ;)

Two cans of Red Bull and I’m bouncing around the room like a child eating a family sized bag of skittles, seriously.

Anyway, I really don’t subscribe to this whole Coke / Pepsi debate. It all tastes the same when there’s rum in it. I really couldn’t see why this woman hated the Pepsi so much and wanted Coke instead. In the UK I think they call it Diet Coke, but it was more the fact that she just decided to start talking to us when we could’ve been asleep or resting. There was no “excuse me”, no “please” or anything, just a “HEYYY!”

Perhaps bad manners get on my nerves more than I thought. Another example of bad manners happened as we came away from the pool. I’m not sure whether to blog about it, because I feel that by now you’re picturing me as an angry person who demands politeness from others. Ahh, what the heck…I’ll tell you anyway.. :)

There’s several waiters and waitresses who walk around the pool during the day and bring you drinks. Naturally they also collect the plastic glasses when you’re done. As we came away from the pool a waitress was just about to collect a perfectly empty plastic cup when a lady next to it simply shouted..

“Hey, no, no, no, NO, NO!”

..and then grabbed the cup back from her.

Again, I felt like pushing her in the pool along with the empty cup and then dunking her head under whilst shouting…

“OI! You ungrateful, overpaid, useless lump of crap!”


“This is Magdalena, she’s brought me drinks for the past two weeks..”


“…. and it doesn’t matter how much she gets paid, she DESERVES SOME EFFING MANNERS OK?”


“So repeat after me,