My PC is running Vista – and I got it for free !

OK, I’ve been talking about this for a while now so I thought I’d show you. This is Windows Vista..

…or is it ?

Actually it’s not. This is my current Windows XP desktop. The magic that creates this very Vista-esque desktop is…

1 – Windows Blinds, you have to pay for this but there is other free software and Windows Themes that will do similar stuff – just Google. This gets me the “Vista like” buttons, backgrounds, icons, colours etc etc

2 – Yahoo! Widgets for the sidebar, Vista-style clock, weather centre and rotating pictures on the right side.

…that’s it! You could even go one further and grab some Vista sounds too, then – if people had a quick look at your machine, they’d probably never know that you were still running Windows XP like me…. unless they rebooted it… or went into the Control Panel … :)

Oh, and if you want a big version of the picture above just here to see how it looks on my laptop.