Lesson number 1 – Cars are always expensive

I’ve got a tip for you lot. In fact, it’s a tip that I should probably give myself. What is it ? Well, never buy a good car. Buy a banger, an old run-around, but never buy a good car.

The reason ? Servicing and repair work costs a fortune.

As you may know I’ve got a Lexus. It’s already cost me a fortune in tyres after I tried to ensure it didn’t slide off the road like the old one. Taking a Lexus in for a service is a pretty costly affair. If I’m honest with myself I should use “Joes Back Street Car Shop” to get it serviced, but instead I keep turning up at the Lexus dealership with my extremely dirty motor for it’s “when I can be ar*ed to do it” service.

Part of the reason I took the car in was due to the amount of dirt on the car (as you can see) and the fact that I’ve not had it looked at in well over two years. Yes, two years. My reasoning behind buying the Lexus was due to the rather excellent reliabilty. It’ll start first time, you thrap the nuts off it, and it’ll carry on. Any previous car I’ve owned has usually fell apart when you give it some beans.

The Lexus servicing is spot on. You get posh stuff like coffee in real cups and free mints. It’s all very flash. When the servicing is complete and you’ve handed over your monthly mortgage payment you’ll find a freshly valetted car plus chocolates and oil, plus a little card saying….

“Thanks for the money, we like your money.”

Actually no, I have to admit it doesn’t say that (I don’t like getting sued), it says something along the lines of…

“Thanks from Lexus (where ever)”

…which is nice.

So anyway, 170 for a service is bad enough, but you just know that they’ll find something wrong with it. Guess what? They did. Apparently a rubber hose going into the water pump is leaking and needs sorting out. Hmm.. how much do you reckon ? 20 ? 40 ? It’s just a rubber hose, surely nothing too serious ?

Try 160.


Reliable they may be, but they’re chuffing expensive to keep on the road. :)

The slightly good thing about today is the IS250 they let me borrow. It’s quite pokey with over 200bhp to play with. F’nar.. :)