Buy yourself a long pink car

The rinky-dink panther, rinky-dink panther. Does anyone remember this TV show when they were younger? The song at the start sticks in my head and after a bit of Googling I found the lyrics……

“Think of all the animals you’ve ever heard about
like rhinoc’ruses and tigers cats and mink
There are lots of funny animals in all this world
But have you ever seen a panther that is pink?


A panther that is positively pink,

Well here he is, the pink panther,
The rinky-dink panther,
Isn’t he a panther ever so pink?

He really is a groovy cat,
and what a gentleman, a scholar, what an acrobat !

He’s in the pink – the pink panther
The rinky-dink panther,
and it’s as plain as your nose,
that he’s the one and only, truly original,
Panther-pink (panther) from head to toes !”

Wait ! It gets better. The music was good, but even better was the car…. well, at least that’s what I used to think when I was a child. Now, perhaps, not as “cool” as I remember. Still, if you want to drive around in a phallic-shaped car you can now bid for it on eBay.