Credit card companies tick me right off

Like many people we have money tied up on a credit card. The low or 0% interest rates soon run out and you find yourself searching for a new card with a better interest rate.

So I did a bit of searching on Yahoo finance and switched to Abbey. I entered the previous card details to do a balance transfer and that was that…. at least it was until tonight. At 8.30 I got a call from them. To be honest I was half-expecting it. Whenever you take out a loan, or a credit card, they will always call you to sell you insurance..

“Although it’s just a welcome call really…”

..she said.

Was it arse. I HATE these calls. Why.. tell me WHY a nice (but pushy) lady from the UK calls you up to sell you some insurance, but when you want to call THEM about something you’re suddenly in an automated queue. Then, when you’ve managed to hit the necessary digits to navigate the call system, you’ll find yourself speaking to somebody in a totally different timezone. But I digress…

“Can I tell you about the accident and sickness cover….” this point my brain goes into neutral and I resort to just saying “Uh-huh” in the correct places. There’s 4 minutes of waffle involving huge amounts of guilt being lumped on me with phrases like…

“Do you feel like you can keep up repayments and protect you and your family from debt if you were out of work, sick or injured in an accident? Is that something you are comfortable with?”’s like being talked to by the headmaster/principal at school. You have to be quite firm with them, and the conversation ends up like this…

“Our payment protection scheme will protect you if you can’t pay. Shall I go ahead and set this up now?”

“No thank you, I’m fine thanks.”

“You do realise that this action could resort in extra charges being added to your account should you be unable to pay?”

“Yes. I don’t need it. Thank you.”

“Could I interest you in cover to protect you should you card be lost or stolen?”

“No thank you, I’m fine thanks.”

“What about critical illness cover? For just …..”

“No thank you, I’m fine thanks.”

After you’ve repeated the phrase “No thank you, I’m fine thanks” about four times they realise that they’re not going to make a sale and give up. It’s so annoying – my arse had literally touched the sofa for the first time and they know that it’s the best time to call you. It’s strange how the sales people will happily call you at 8.30 in the evening, but if you want to call them at the same time it’s a totally different story.