Get some excellent free desktop images

Whether you’ve got Vista or XP, you’ll no doubt have your favourite picture or background on your Windows Desktop. There’s a few to choose from within Windows or you can use shots from your digital camera. I’ve got a shot of a palm tree that I took on holiday, complete with the blue sky in the background.

If you’re looking for some nice photographic backgrounds then you’ll usually end up forking out cash to some photographer or studio for a batch. However, I was reading Jason Dunn’s Blog the other day (he’s the guy behind the ThoughtsMedia thing) and I spotted this blog post where he offers up these rather excellent backdrops. They weigh in at 31Mb but they’re astounding quality and look beautiful on your desktop… and they’re FREE!

The 22 1920×1200 pixel images were submitted for backdrops to Microsoft for inclusion in Vista, however they declined :( No matter though, Hamand Darwish is offering them up for anyone to download, so grab them here from or any of the other mirrors.