Transporter 2

I’m watching Transporter 2. It’s actually the second time I’ve seen this film but… heck, it’s a great film. In fact I think that it’s better than the first “Transporter” film.

Yes, yes, the stunts are stupidly far-fetched. First there’s the Audi driving off the side of a multi-storey car park into an un-finished office building. Hmm.. That’s a little too Lethal Weapon 4 in my book… Either way, it slides into several hundred poles and desks etc, then comes to a stop without any scratches whatsoever.

Next you’ve got the bomb which has been stuck to his car. It seems to use a magnet to attach to the Audi, which is weird as the car is Aluminium…. It gets worse though, because he manages to remove it by driving up a make-shift ramp (which just happened to be there), spinning in the air and then removing the bomb on a conveniently placed crane…. whilst upside down… in the air.. (as you do)..

Oh, and then there’s the whole jet ski incident, where he jumps out of the water and somehow slides along the road, still riding the jet ski, to get onto a bus…

There’s more than a little “totally unrealistic Hollywood” gubbins in this film, however Jason Statham is an excellent actor and he holds the film together. If you can disengage your brain for a couple of hours this is an excellent Friday night movie. It’s called “Transporter” because that’s what he does – he’s a driver, a getaway driver if you will. The car of choice is an Audi A8, and it’s stunning. For some reason though it’s got an Automatic gearbox, something I hate in a car. However, although the car itself looks a lot like it’s stable-mate – the VW Passat – it is in fact powered by a W12 engine. That’s TWO V6 engines slapped together.. Wehay! Instead of 24 valves you’ve got 48 and there’s a 6 litre engine sat under your right-foot producing 450bhp.

Gimme Gimme Gimme :) Come on, it’s only 80 grand… !! ;)