The weirdest news interview.. ever..

Last week the PM of Great Britain announced some huge changes which are intended to dramatically reduce the level of greenhouse gasses being pumped into the atmosphere. The UK are leading the way here, and it follows the infamous Kyoto Agreement which also intended to reduce these levels, although to a lesser extent.

As you’ll know, the USA decided not to sign the Kyoto Agreement, so many look towards America for a sign of change. One state in particular – California – has made some dramatic changes, and …. well… this is where the recent ITN interview comes along….

This is possibly the weirdest news interview I’ve ever seen. Mainly because the Governor of California is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s shown on a fup-off huge plasma TV next to PM Tony Blair – it’s like something from his films. I was sitting there waiting for Arnie to say “Get your ass to Mars” or something… Weird, weird. Arnie even cracks jokes relating to his films whilst talking about global warming ….. Just… just … just watch it, that’s all I can say…