Something likely to continually re-appear in my blog

Dear blog readers, I need to tell you something quite important. It’s something we’ve been thinking about for quite a while now and – although it may not be terribly interesting to you guys – it will no doubt form part of every other blog post during the next few weeks.

We’re moving.

No, not the site – we’ve already had our fair share of issues with server moves. This is a house move, and it’s a pretty busy time for both of us. We’re at the first stage of the process and we’ve just put our house on the market. It’s a strange experience really – even just the initial decision and subsequent Estate Agent inspection. Your home is your castle, and to invite someone you don’t know in to snoop around and take pictures for the world to see is a little weird to say the least.

Plus, Estate Agents aren’t cheap either. I’m hoping that the photos will be turned into 200 foot posters and hung from the side of the local Morrisons for the price we’re paying. We’re already on (and no, you’re not having the direct link!) plus we’ll be in the local paper next week. Before all that happens though there’s an even bigger event….

…the sign.

Yes, that big “For Sale” sign will be going up outside our house today. This is the bit that Emily is concerned about because there’ll no doubt be a huge amount of curtain-twitching from the neighbours. You can, if you wish, not to have the “board”, however I does make it harder for people the find the house and word-of-mouth I often the strongest seller.

To some extent I do share Emilys’ concern, however it’s for different reasons. The only worry I have is that the local kids will pull the sign up and take it down the road on Friday night, which they tend to like doing round here (kids huh?) Honestly I think it’s a disgrace – at least when I was a teenager I’d take something more substantial like a traffic cone or the signs from those metal poles.

Pah :)

The next stage is the part that Emily loves most – buying a new house. We’re looking for something bigger and – hopefully – in a certain area of the village. Emily has a long list of boxes that she needs ticking.. bigger garden, better drive, bigger kitchen, south facing garden (for the sunshine), seperate dining room (if possible) and loads more. I guess my wife is a lot like most women when buying a house. It has to be “right”. Women like to know that the neighbours are nice, whether the local school is good, what the road is like and whether it’s overlooked at the back.

For blokes it’s different. I walk around a house and look for three things..

a) Which side of the house does the Sky satellite dish go – will it be blocked by trees ?
b) Can they get decent quality broadband
c) Is there much DIY to do? If no, then it’s a winner.

I think that pretty much sums up my needs…