Ohhh! Gemma Gemma!

Regular readers will know that I have a penchant for the delightful Gemma Atkinson. She used to brighten up my Sunday mornings when appearing in Hollyoaks a few years back. Her… “assets” .. weren’t what you could call small back then, and she ended up in many mens magazines like FHM and Loaded. However, she decided several months ago to have them boosted with the help of a boob job. In my expert opinion she really didn’t need them doing (and I’m going to try to stop myself posting a picture of how she looked before), but she’s had them boosted and.. well, here’s how she looks now.

The Sun have further pictures …. Aye Karumba!

Oh, and Gemma, please…. PLEASE for the love of crap, would you stop ringing me!?! The wife is getting really suspicious now!

Link – The Sun