Mini TV and movie reviews

I mentioned a TV show called “Rush Hour” the other day and recommended it. I stuck it on the Sky+ last night and have just finished watching it. It didn’t turn out to be quite as good as I’d hoped. Heavy canned laughter wasn’t a good start (which also sounded terrible on the surround-sound speaker thingies). I’m not quite sure what it was, the jokes should’ve worked but they just kept missing the mark.

I’d recorded the show because, last night, Emily took control of the TV. “Ohh”, she said, “Brokeback Mountain is on, let’s watch that”. This film was, I thought, a gay love story between two cowboys. It didn’t seem like a movie I’d appreciate so I fired up the laptop and finished off the “Skins” Mobile Protector review. I vaguely remembered an article stating that “Brokeback Mountain” was a gentle and tender love story, but after about 30 minutes it suddenly became decidedly un-gentle with one guy licking his finger and … Well.. It was a tad more graphic than I’d anticipated, put it that way.

Brokeback Mountain is, I must say, a mystery to me. Not once in the entire time that the film was on did I understand a single word of dialog..


Wha? Where’s the subtitles? I couldn’t understand a thing.

Actually, I’ve been meaning to do some mini-reviews of the movies we’ve watched recently on Sky Movies and DVD, so here goes…

The Queen – Not bad, although I’m very picky and noticed that the car behind John Major had a “52” number plate, meaning the car was registered in 2002. I’m a bit anal about things like this – the film has to be “right”. It was meant to be set in 1998. Still, that guy who played Tony Blair was scarily like him.

The Break-Up – What the hell ? Vince Vaughn spends the entire movie looking knackered and half-asleep whilst Jennifer Aniston just said her lines without any kind of emotion. The couple have a row, which is pretty good, then they spend an hour getting ready to split up. After an hour of utter boredom (which is relieved momentarily by Jennifer being naked) they… errr… split up.. then it finishes.. What a complete waste of film! It’s not funny, it’s got nothing inventive and the whole thing is tedious to watch.