Good Friday, Good Beer

I mentioned the fact that we have put our house up for sale recently. The whole saga is proving stressful and annoying so far – I’ll probably tell you more about it when everything is signed and sealed. Yesterday Emily was at work, and (strictly speaking) so was I, although – with my trusty Windows Mobile SPV M3100 – I was on “email only”. I could, if I’d wanted, redirect my work calls to the handset and work anywhere. It’s this sort of mobile working that I love – I’ve got instant email, sync’d contacts and meeting details plus I can redirect my VoIP handset to my mobile number and answer urgent calls.

Due to the fact that it was Good Friday there was hardly anything to do. I replied to some emails but, by 2PM it’d had gone so quiet that we decided to deal purely with emails and not calls. It was at this time that my mate called me..


Oh yes, most definitely. This house moving stuff was stressing me out, so I jumped at the chance of a beer. Within minutes he picked me up and we were on our way to the rather lovely Barley Mow on Milford Common.

..then, before you know it, we’re off to another pub, and another…damn, I love the sunshine! :) (Oh and lager, that’s good too…)

Although I don’t smoke, this rather strange warning appeared on the side of a box of matches. What the heck were they thinking when they put this on ? They’re MATCHES! Why put a picture of someone with their arm on fire? It doesn’t compute in my head (note to self, this seemed hilarious yesterday because you’d had several pints)..

Yay for being able to drink beer in the sunshine on a Friday! Oh, and yes – I did reply to a couple of emails while I was drinking.. now that’s what I call mobile working! :)

(Other note to self – Stop taking photos of beer on your phone)