Citroen ZX POWER!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my old car. I took this photo at work a few years ago when I intended to sell the car.

After leaving college I continued working at a local supermarket until I landed a job doing IT contracting. Unfortunately my clapped-out Peugeot 205 GTI wasn’t going to cope with the motorway miles necessary for the contracting work so I had to get a new vehicle. In the end I left it too late and had just a couple of days to buy a car to do plod up and down the motorways of Great Britain. My quick (and not very well thought-out) selection was this Citroen ZX 1.9 Diesel. There was no turbo and I nailed it everywhere simply because it took soooooooooo damned long to speed up.

If you’ve got a Diesel motor without a turbo you’ll know that keeping the revvs high is a key point otherwise you’ll never go anywhere. So it was quite shocking to see this video on Road Wars this evening. Sure, I drove my Citroen ZX into the ground (the camshaft was bent when I traded it in and I’d been told 3 years running to get rid of it when I took it in for an MOT) but this guy takes the biscuit. How the hell he didn’t kill himself I don’t know, but the speeds he manages to achieve is quite shocking..

(Contains swearing)

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