Windows XP makes a come back

Oh dear, things aren’t going too well for Vista. I’ve tried it and yes – it works well. It’s just a pity that most of my accessories fail to work with it. Webcams, scanners, printers – everything I have fails to work with it and even the latest drivers only make it work to a degree. In the end I gave up. It’s pretty, and there’s a couple of neat features, but I went back to XP on my main laptop and I’m sticking with it until I buy a new laptop or don’t need the peripherals any more.

Another blow to the new OS came today when Dell were forced to reintroduce XP as an operating system for its new PC’s following a barrage of complaints and support calls from customers who couldn’t get their peripherals to work. In January Dell had decided to only offer Vista on the majority of its new machines.

Link – BBC News