Meter Readers – Exposed!

This week Emily has been down in London so I’ve been doing all the house stuff. This popped through the door the other day. It’s one of those “sorry you were out” cards from the local meter reader. This I expected because with Emily away, the house has been empty. However, what I didn’t expect was the scribbled note at the top.

“Please call 079703(mobile) with reading”

Err.. How lazy is that ? Not only do I not get to call a free 0800 number or submit my meter reading online, but I’ve also got to call some the meter readers’ private mobile number!

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that it was probably just a devious plan by the meter reader. He just needs to spend a few minutes scribbling out the above message some cards, then wait until everyone is at work and run round shoving them through the door! Just look at the benefits – you get your job done in half the time, you can be home in time for lunch and get the customers to do your work for you!

I’ve found you out Mr Lazy Meter Reader!

Blimey.. Is this the best thing I’ve got to blog about? I think I’ve been at home alone too long. No matter, Emily is back this evening. :)