More than just a "risque" dance video

Emily mentioned this video the other night. I’d gone out to the pub and Emily was at home doing the ironing (believe me, this doesn’t happen too often) :) She mentioned that a video for “Sunblock” had been on TV which seemed to be a little more than just “risque”.

For those that don’t know, here in the UK there’s about 20 or so music channels playing various sorts of music. A lot of the pop or dance music channels tend to play those house music tunes featuring scantily-clad girls gyrating around. This is done for a few reasons, although mainly it’s to get teenage boys to purchase the CD.

Strangely these videos seem to feature the same girls each time. They’re either bouncing on trampolines, swimming in chocolate or parading around in very tiny skirts. This particular video however goes a little further. There’s two versions – one is a “daytime version” which features the girls bouncing on space hoppers and riding a mechanical bull (can you see what I mean yet?) Give it a view – check out the way the girls hold the rather thick piece of black rope that’s attached to the mechanical bull.. AHEM! ;)

Oh, and both of the videos you’ll see below are probably not ideal for the work environment, so don’t play them unless you want to be sacked. ;)

Now that – you may think – is “iffy” enough, however there’s also an “evening version” that’s shown after 9PM. It’s a little.. different… there’s a lot less clothes and even more phallic symbols..

If you can’t see the above vids, try this link for the first vid and this link for the second one.