Football – I like it, but I’m not a fan

I’ll be honest with you guys here and admit that I’m not a bit football fan. I’m a proud Englishman and somehow I always get a rumbling in my loins when England play, however I’m not overly enthused by the normal weekly games. Football – or “soccer” as my American mates would call it – doesn’t “do” anything for me when the teams here appear to be filled with blokes whose names I can’t pronounce or who fall on the floor at the slightest hint of a tackle.

Strangely I find myself not supporting any team, never going to any games, never going out of my way to watch it, but when I do see it I’m hooked. We were in Barbados a couple of years ago and a local cafe had the Fox Sports Soccer Channel on. I saw the presenter cut to a local “soccer bar” just before the game started. The bar was in the US somewhere and was filled with people waving Chelsea and Liverpool scarves around. I was suddenly filled with pride – even more so when a few Americans behind me started watching the game too. Within minutes I was whooping and shouting at the TV and pretending like I knew what was going on. It was infectious. I felt a bit bad for not knowing many players names, however the presenters made me feel better when they started saying things like, “Hey, we’re coming up to the midpoint of the game and it’s still two to two in minute 87” and “Hey, that’s at least a 60 yard kick into the defending quarter”. It kinda sounded different than I remembered back home. :)

Anyhow, the whole point of this post was to get to this Mr T commercial. Snickers are paying him a bundle to advertise the nutty chocolate. Perhaps this is what the game of football needs ? :)


I reckon Mr T should be back on TV every week. Solid gold :) Quit your jibber jabber!

Link – Snickers TV Commercial