Hold the front page!!

Every Thursday or Friday we get the local free newspapers. They’re the usual mix of adverts, property, letters and random news items. Normally the news is ultra local stuff – people complaining about the bins, kids dressed up for the school play and details about road closures etc.

There are “serious” stories, such as cars being dented or people being hurt after falling over in the street. This week the front page news story in the Burntwood Post is a little …. strange. It’s perhaps the least “serious” article in the whole paper. It’s shocking and disturbing news that a farting noise is annoying some residents awake.

Yes, you heard right – someone or something breaking wind has hit the front page…. Have a read – it’s hilarious!

(Oh, by the way, that yellow field on the right here is about 500 yards from our house. Nice eh?)