It’s amazing what 400,000 can get you…

I can’t help but imagine the conversation that took place between the British Olympic Association and the designers of the Olympic logo…

British Olympic Association – “Hello, we’d like a logo for the Olympics please.”

Designers – “Errr…. sure, what sort of design do you want?”

British Olympic Association – “Well, according to the research we’ve done over the last year we’d like a dynamic and vibrant logo please.”

Designers – “Sure, that’ll be 400,000 please”

British Olympic Association – “Hmm.. that’s a bit steep isn’t it?”

Designers – “Well yes, but you are getting two colours here.”

British Olympic Association – “I guess so, it’s a deal. See you in a few months.”

Designers – “Wehay!! Bye then!”

Designers – “Lads! Get that work experience lad to knock something up in Microsoft Word will ya? We’re all going to Cancun for Christmas!!!”

This is appauling. This is why Government projects always go over budget! :)

Link – 2012 Olympics
Image from – Afinkawan @ and Bad Horsey @