Those bombers…

I’ve tried not to blog about this purely because the people doing it aren’t worth any kind of publicity, however this afternoon a green cherokee jeep was driven into Glasgow airport and set alight. The individuals inside were captured and nobody was injured. This, of course, follows two foiled car bombs in London yesterday.

The stupidity of these individuals is shocking – there are already anti-terror bollards in front of the building and the vehicle didn’t make it inside. The “asian men” (this is the information on the news at present) who jumped out of the car were then rugby-tackled to the ground by police and passengers who restrained them.

My wife works as cabin crew. In fact, she’s at an airport now. There’s helipcopters hovering overhead and the main road into the airport has been closed.

Worried? Yes, of course I’m worried about her. I’m sure there’s lots of people worried about friends and relatives at the moment. These bombers don’t care about us and, unfortunately, there’s many perfectly “normal” people living in the UK right now who are prepared to do things like this should they get “the call” from above.

The men have now been arrested. I’m quite glad that we don’t have the death sentence in the UK because that’s what these people want. Stick them in a very small jail cell with lots of angry inmates, I’m sure they’ll get their punishment daily.

Yet again I’m proud of the British public and their determination to continue on as normal. These idiots will never beat us. We’ve had threats and bombs for many years and we’ll never be defeated.

Picture – BBC