is finally gone.. but.. not really..

Yes, it’s gone – the site that everyone in the record industry wanted to close down is, finally, closed. Err.. except, it’s not… not really. It’s just back with a new name :) sells MP3s – plain, normal, ordinary MP3’s without copy protection – for a LOT less than you’d expect to elsewhere. Albums, tracks and more were available and there were many thousands to choose from. Now, however, it’s closed down. Why? Well, most will simply see this as a move by the Russian government to satisfy demands by the US Trade Representative, who asked that the site be closed down before Russia can join the World Trade Organisation in 2006. Can you believe that? Part of the deal to join the WTO was for Russia to close down a website! That’s pretty insane when you think about it, especially when servers based in the USA probably host much worse material than some cheap MP3s!

Although the site is gone, a new site, called has appeared instead, and all the existing usernames and passwords have magically reappeared on the new site, meaning that existing users of can simply browse to a new URL. :) Haha!